About us

We are a group of young and dynamic freelance engineers specializing in a particular branch of civil engineering – geotechnical design engineering, which involves all aspects of foundation design, road design, earth retaining structures design, etc.

Acquired experience for innovative technologies in civil engineering which  was brought from countries, widely known for their bold engineering knowledge: United States, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and England.


At the moment we are at the beginning of our long path to be successfull, therefore every design project is considered and managed with great responsibility.

Our goal is to find an optimal solution for any type of foundation project so if you aren’t sure if currently designed foundations are optimal for you, we can help.


Our services:

– Foundation design

– Calculation of quantities

– Selection of materials

– Engineering consultations

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Tel.: +370 608 67638 – Lithuania

e-mail:  [email protected]

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