Soil improvement

Soil strength parameters and compressibility are mainly dependent on compaction, e.g. relative density. It’s a thumb rule the more dense the soil the more it’s stronger. Water also acts a big role in soil strength and compressibility properties, but, with some exceptions, the less water in the soil the better. So one must know some techniques to find an optimal water content in soil mass for compaction and keep it as low in exploitation period as possible.


Up to these times it was a common case to avoid as much as possible technogenical (made-up) ground, cause of its unevenness, and unpredictable behavior under loads and so on.

But at the peak of land prices and appearance of modern soil improvement techniques these issues do not have so much affect as in the past.

In general these improvement techniques could be classified by its technique of soil being treated:


– Dynamic treatment

-Treatment with injections


Basically injection techniques are mainly used for soil improvement of a nearby buildings, soil waterproofing and in construction below groundwater table.

Dynamic techniques are used for large area densification for a commercial or infrastructural usage of land.


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