Soil stabilisation

Soil treatment by lime is one of the oldest techniques of soil treatment. Clayey soil treatment with lime is an effective and efficient way to improve base parameters. Such techniques are widely used for road engineering, construction on weak soils.


Main benefits of using thistechnique:

– Relatively cheap and effective technique compared to soil replacement

– Reduction of plasticity limit

– Reduction of water content

-Reduction of soaking

– Soil bearing resistance improvement 3 to 20 times, in addition of Portland cement & Fly Ash – up to 50 times.

-Formation of water-proof strata

In the process of stabilization some additional elements are used such as geotextile or geogrids. By using these elements it’s possible to reach great bearing resistance values, which are essential for heavy equipment roads or foundation constructions.

As mentioned before additives to lime could be ranging from portions of fly ash to Portland cement admixtures. This mainly depends on mineral composition of clay or silt minerals and treatment execution time.


Ground stabilization methods are widely used in many of well developed countries ranged from such pioneer countries as Denmark, Germany, and Sweden to USA, Australia, and China. Mainly this treatment is used in road engineering.
One can see a video about road engineering projects in Scandinavia


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